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Data Protection

DI MATTEO Förderanlagen GmbH & Co. KG is delighted that you have visited our website and thanks you for your interest in our company.

At DI MATTEO Förderanlagen GmbH & Co. KG, data protection has the highest priority. This document is designed to provide you with information on how we are following the rules for data protection at DI MATTEO Förderanlagen GmbH & Co. KG, which information we gather while you are browsing our website and how this information is used. First and foremost: your personal data is only used in the following cases and will not be used in other cases without your explicit approval.

Collecting data
When you visit the DI MATTEO Förderanlagen GmbH & Co. KG website, general information is collected automatically (in other words, not by means of registration) which is not stored as personal related data. The web servers that are used store the following data by default:

• The name of your internet service provider
• The website from which you visited us
• The websites which you visit when you are with us
• Your IP address.

This information is analyzed in anonymized form. It is used solely for the purpose of improving the attractiveness, content and functionality of our website. Where data is passed on to external service providers, we have taken technical and organizational measures to ensure that the data protection regulations are observed..

Collecting and processing personal data
Beyond this use, personal data is only collected when you provide us with this in the course of, say, registration, by filling out forms or sending emails, and in the course of ordering products or services, inquiries or requests for material. Your personal data remains with our company and our provider and will not be made available to unauthorized third parties in any form by us or by persons instructed by us.

Data retention
We store personal data for as long as it is necessary to perform a service that you have requested or for which you have granted your permission, providing that no legal requirements exist to the contrary such as in the case of retention periods required by trade or tax regulations.

DI MATTEO Förderanlagen GmbH & Co. KG deploys technical and organizational security measures to protect the information you have made available from being manipulated unintentionally or intentionally, lost, destroyed or accessed by unauthorized persons. Where personal data is being collected and processed the information will be transferred in encrypted form in order to prevent misuse of the data by a third party. Our security measures are continuously reviewed and revised in line with the latest technology.

Right to obtain and correct information
You have the right to check all data relating to your person stored with us and inform us, if it is in your opinion out-of-date or incorrect. To inform us, just send an email to the email address indicated in the website credits or to the person in charge of data protection (see below for the relevant contact details).

On our corporate website, we only use cookies in certain areas of the website if they are required for an application or service which we provide.

Use of Facebook social plugins on dimatteo.eu
One of the features of the DI MATTEO Förderanlagen GmbH & Co. KG Internet presence on the domain www.dimatteo.eu is that it uses what are called social plugins (‘plugins’) from the social network facebook.com, which are operated by Facebook Inc., 1601 S. California Ave, Palo Alto, CA 94304, USA (‘Facebook’). These plugins are indicated by a Facebook logo.
When you access the DI MATTEO Förderanlagen GmbH & Co. KG Internet presence on the domain www.dimatteo.eu, your browser establishes a direct connection with the Facebook servers. The content of the plugin is transferred by Facebook directly to your browser, which then integrates it into the website.
Integration of the plugin causes Facebook to receive the information that you have accessed on the corresponding page of the DI MATTEO Förderanlagen GmbH & Co. KG Internet presence. If you are logged in with Facebook, it will be able to assign your visit to your Facebook account. Please note that an exchange of this information already takes place when you visit our Internet presence on the domain www.dimatteo.eu, regardless of whether you interact with the plugin or not. If you interact with the plugins, such as by pressing the ‘Like’ button, the corresponding information is sent directly to Facebook by your browser and saved there. You can find information on the purpose and extent of data acquisition as well as how the data is processed further and used by Facebook, together with your rights and optional settings to protect your private sphere, in the Facebook data protection notes (http://www.facebook.com/policy.php). If you do not want Facebook to gather data about you via our Internet presence, you must log out of Facebook before visiting the DI MATTEO Förderanlagen GmbH & Co. KG Internet presence on the domain www.dimatteo.eu.

If you have any questions or ideas, please refer to the data protection representative at DI MATTEO Förderanlagen GmbH & Co. KG, who will be pleased to help you. The continuous development of the Internet makes it necessary for us to adjust our data protection rules from time to time. We reserve the right to implement appropriate changes at any time.

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