Welcome to DI MATTEO Group!

We are the one partner you need for machine construction, plant construction, engineering, protection against wear, casting, and other services related to your bulk materials processing needs.

DI MATTEO offers a wide range of products that vary from concept determination, general and specific engineering, to oversight of installation and the initial start of operations, and on through to the final tweaking of the general process and the equipment.

Whether bulk goods technology, processing technology, conveyor technology, or environmental technology, we develop, build, and install every component. All of our products, individual components, or systems combine proven technologies with the most modern expertise of process engineering. Each branch builds from the other, and everything fits together like a glove to provide you with a tailored-fitted system to suit your individual needs.

Company Divisions

We combine the best of experience and technology. The best products and services require experience and knowledge on many levels. We bring the engineering, development, planning and services together.

Our Products

We have the perfect parts for conveyance, storage, dosing, feeding, discharging, separating, etc. It stands to reason, that as the manufacturer of conveyor systems, we are also mechanical engineers and mechanics.

Industrial Solutions

Just as your business is unique, so are your needs for handling bulk materials. Each industrial sector has specific requirements, circumstances and special cases. We have the precise solution for your business.