Written by Wera Mejauschek

With a spirit of adventure on a 7.000km long humanitarian mission DI MATTEO supports student employee on a Rally trough the dessert

The Renault R4 before starting its 7.000km journey at the premises of the DI MATTEO Group in Beckum, Germany. The pictures shows (starting from left): Christian Krause, Participant at the 4L Trophy, Dr. Dominik Aufderheide, Thesis supervisor of the student at DI MATTEO and Clelia Di Matteo from the Board of Directors of the family owned company.

Morocco is well-known terrain for the DI MATTEO Group in Beckum, since the company had realized a couple of projects there during recent years. Therefore many employees have visited the North African country lately. However, nobody from the company’s staff ever considered to go on a 3.500km long journey by car to visit their customers in Morocco. But, exactly that is the very plan of Christian Krause a student of mechanical engineering from Soest, Germany. Together with a team of fellow students of the South Westphalia University of Applied Sciences he will participate at this year’s Raid 4L Trophy (https://edition2018.4ltrophy.com). It shall be mentioned that this race is not about speed or winning, since it is a humanitarian rally that only student can join with old Renault R4 cars. Its objective is to drive across the Moroccan desert to provide children with school supplies.

“Of course I was rather surprised when I first heard of this idea”, explains Dr. Dominik Aufderheide, who is the students thesis supervisor at DI MATTEO, “but especially if I consider the background that we as a company have also a strong business relation to Morocco, I become impressed by the project over time.” So the idea was immediately introduced to the company’s board of directors and also Clelia Di Matteo did not hesitate to promise financial aid for the „R4 Team Westfalen” to support them on their mission.

Besides classical sponsoring, another part of the budget was acquired by crowd funding earlier this year. “We faced a tough and challenging time during the acquisition of the relief goods and the technical preparation of the cars“, said Christian Krause days before the start of the rally. However, all the efforts have been worthwhile: actually the team, which consists of four students (two girls and two boys) are on their way to the official starting point of their journey in Biarritz (France), where they will head towards Marrakesh (Morocco). Every car is packed with around 60kg of school supplies and food, which will be passed over to the established organization “Enfants du Désert“ (English: Children of the Dessert) when the ream reaches their goal. The organization cooperates closely with the UNICEF and distributes the goods of all teams to different schools around the country.

For more information the team’s web presence can be visited: http://r4teamwestfalen.de/