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Waste incineration

Using incinerators to eliminate waste – the most efficient method for rendering waste inert

When it comes to the use of incineration for the disposal of waste, a waste incineration plant is currently the most efficient method of waste materials‘ „inertisation“. In Germany, the landfilling of untreated waste is prohibited since June 1 of 2005. Waste from households may only be disposed after if is burned in form of slag. Nowadays, waste incineration is chosen over landfilling, as landfill space is limited and combustion residues occupy considerably less of it.

Incinerators are available for different purposes, in different sizes and designs. Small plants are located in hospitals for the disposal of bacteria-contaminated waste on site. Another option is the use of waste products as a secondary fuel, e.g. in the cement or power plant industry. However, the vast majority is treated in large-scale facilities where the released energy is usually used in the form of district heating or electricity generation.

Our offer

  • delivery of turnkey plants. Our services include:
  • development of a concept under consideration of customer preferences
  • engineering
  • system control
  • construction of mechanical engineering
  • production at our company
  • installation of system components
  • commissioning of plant technology