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About DI MATTEO Group

DI MATTEO Group – your specialists in everything involving efficient handling of bulk materials: machine and facility construction, engineering, wear-protection, foundry castings, and services

We bring all the business fields together in our group of companies, and offer you a central business partner for an abundance of products and services.

ODM – Conveying and bulk handling systems

DI MATTEO is a family-run business that was founded in 1968 by Orlando Di Matteo. Today, in the second generation, Dr. Luigi Di Matteo and Clelia Di Matteo actively accompany the founder.

At the start, DI MATTEO was primarily known as a provider for the cement industry. Now is the name DI MATTEO an internationally known business which successfully serves a variety of industrial fields. (e.g. waste handling, wood and biomass industries, quarry and pit industries, waste incineration, chemical industries, glass industries, and many more.) Furthermore the business division of alternative fuels is positioned as a special key segment, where DI MATTEO has achieved a market leadership.

Fuel handling, material technology, process technology, conveying technology, environmental technology, silo technology and more – we offer valuable and efficient technical solutions for a comprehensive and ever-growing range of industries.

We can offer you high in-house production depth (made in Germany) because we have a production area of over 46,000 m² and are largely not dependant on any subcontractors. Other advantages include individual assemblies and product variety, which result from making our own products/commodities. In this way, the individual components and facilities can be be adapted to the customers’ wishes and material specifications.

Our goal is to provide you with well thought-out and enduring products of the highest possible quality. Our assortment includes everything from mechanical conveyor systems (bucket elevators, rotary valves, belt conveyors, apron conveyors, chain conveyors, and screw conveyors, etc.), to pneumatic conveyor systems (pressure-vessel conveyors, air slides, rotary valves, etc.), to treatment and dosing systems (WeighTUBE, dosing feeder belts, magnetic separator, sorting screens, wind sifters, dryers, debalers, desagglomerators, sliding floors, etc.).

Whether you wish to convey, feed, store, discharge or dispense your bulk material – with an eye for detail, high expertise and over 45 years of experience, we would like to support you in optimizing your processes or developing a complete turnkey solution.

To guarantee the best in assistance, we remain the one you can call even after your facilities have been built, and we offer a diverse range of after-sales services. When we are your business partner, you receive planning services, delivery, assembly, and help with the initial operations – all from just one source. Remote maintenance and consultation on-site or in our offices are just a few of the services you will appreciate. Our After-Sales service is available any time, and we will gladly inform you about our replacement parts and wear-parts offers, as well as about our maintenance and inspection services, training sessions, and modernisation. We offer all of our services for both our own products and for those of other manufacturers.

ODM – WeartecPRO

All of your facility components will be exposed to an enormous amount of wear and tear. The results are increased maintenance costs, production downtime, and unnecessary replacement costs. In order to increase the resilience of your machines and to keep things running smoothly, we have developed our own wear-protection program – WeartecPRO.

ODM – Foundry

We create casted components for various fields and applications in our production facility in Dingelstädt. Depending on customers’ requirements, we offer not only casted components, but also refine the casts and apply a colour application process. Among other things, the work in the foundry includes: machine moulding, hand moulding, mouldings for machine building, castings for pumps, duct castings, artistic castings, and other custom-made products.


DI MATTEO Group – our administration and production sites

All our products and components are produced at our own locations in Germany.

Views of our production factories