Bulk handling

Green light for your bulk material

In our technical center, we take a close look at your bulk, as its individual characteristics determine the type of handling. We analyse the physical properties, while paying special attention to the behavior in transport and storage. Single components are tested as well as the whole process.

Material examples:

anhydrites, ashes, biomass, brick, bypass dust, china, clay, dry sludge, flue ash, grit, iron sulfate, limestone, magnesium oxide, pellets, pit coal, powdered coal, salt, secondary fuels (such as kindling, animal meal, biomass, paper, etc.), silica sand, slaked lime, sludge, soot, synthetic gypsum, tyre chips, urea, used tyres, waste grit, etc.

Cement properties

poor-flowing, disperse, cohesive, abrasive, or hot materials