Silo technology

Finding the best for you – design and construction of silo systems is our speciality.

Our specialty is the procedural design and construction of silos. Naturally, we provide customised and personalised solutions and plan your silo to meet your exact requirements. Thus, the highest degree of process safety and functionality is guaranteed. However, we also offer fast, cost-efficient and turnkey silos – profit from our long-time experience and trust in our expertise.


We offer various sizes and designs depending on the respective material – whether it may be disperse, free flowing or cohesive, poor-flowing bulk materials. Upon request we also provide you with the required building services and control engineering.

The corresponding discharge systems ensure a continuous and trouble-free emptying of the silos – the prerequisite for a failure-free and uninterrupted running of your subsequent process chain.


  • mechanical or pneumatic silo feeding systems
  • procedural silo design and construction based on tests of bulk material
  • silo monitoring systems
  • filter systems
  • mechanical silo discharging, e.g. our screw discharging system ODM-ScrewDOS®
  • pneumatic silo discharging systems
  • subsequent volumetric or gravimetric dosing systems
  • transport equipment
  • open or closed loading facilities