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Italian curiosity and German precision

An ideal combination. We conduct fundamental research with the highest degree of precision, i.e. our products along with the process engineering act in pursuance with your goals and the type of your bulk material. We think nothing of standard solutions, because we work sustainably which will beneficial for you, your bulk material and the environment.
It is only after a throughout examination of your process and your demands that our engineers will start working – in close consultation with you. No matter whether you need a whole system or single components to complete your system.

We offer

  • all necessary technical and spatial possibilities to produce even large plants
  • an individual adjustment to your requirements
  • sophisticated technologies
  • experienced, highly qualified and trained personnel
  • the proximity to our customers through a global network and local contacts
  • sustainable, anticipatory and environmentally conscious action

Our guidelines

  • we are there to serve our customers in reaching their goals.
  • quality and safety come first, after that, we can work out the rest.
  • we feel that being sustainable implies that economical and ecological goals like conservation of resources, and forward-looking and environmentally sound operations come first.
  • we develop systems and solutions especially to fit the complex problems of our customers.