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For many years, DI MATTEO has posed the question of how to automate discharging and subsequent transportation of various bulk materials.

Because of our many years of experience in this field and constant advancements, we have reached an engineering level that allows us to offer a customised discharging system for every application.

Many types of materials do not flow well out of the discharge spout. Badly-flowing and poorly-flowing materials illustrate, that they tend to have discharge disruptions. For example, they create bridges, rat holes, or clump together during storage or transport.

Silo Massen Kernfluss

To properly discharge silos and bins, materials must be made flow-able. A flow is achieved through the influence from forces on the grain-particle-fibre structure, which become loosened.

A reliable material discharge is the basis for a trouble-free operation of downstream transporters and processes.

Bulk materials with unknown flow properties can be tested in our labs to determine the best method for discharging. This exploratory process effectively guarantees trouble-free operations.

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