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ODM – Discharge and dosing screw systems ScrewDOS® DSF

Our special screw conveyor ScrewDOS® provides a continuous and secure discharge, and at the same time doses poor-flowing materials from silos, bins/hoppers, or containers.

Discharging materials from silos, bin/hoppers, or containers can often lead to erratic flow problems like bridging or ratholing. In order to combat these annoying problems, we offer well-established screw dischargers and screw dosers – ScrewDOS®.

This system combines the advantages of good material flow while at the same time avoiding typical storage problems. A reliable and problem-free discharge of materials is ensured, even with poor-flowing materials.

The screw dischargers and dosing systems are suited for horizontal and slightly sloping discharge, and they can be used with all types of bulk materials. The geometry and length of the screw can be adapted to fit your requirements.

DI MATTEO offers completely new units from scratch, a replacement of existing facilities, and spare parts for your existing equipment.


Benefits at a glance

  • modular construction with time-tested components
  • minimal production remains
  • avoidance of storage problems
  • easy to maintain
  • reliable and problem-free discharge of materials
  • also appropriate for cohesive and highly dispersant materials

Construction type
ODM – Discharge and dosing screws – ScrewDOS®

Applications and features

  • useful for discharging poor-flowing materials such as alternative fuels, biomass, tyre chips
  • also suited for cohesive and highly-dispersant materials such as slaked lime, chemical products, iron ore