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ODM – Flat slide gates SFD/SFL/SMU/SNA

Our Slide gates function as shut-off valves for all types of materials and are used under silos, bins, bunkers and dosing devices.

Slide gates are multi-functional and are in nearly all industry branches. They are put to use where materials must be transported in or out, or where they need to be dosed, or the flow rate must be limited.

When slide gates are used with pneumatic or mechanical conveyance, they are ideal in impeding the mass flow. Moreover slide gates can be used to relieve the load on subsequent hauling equipment such as conveyor screws, belt conveyors, or rotary valves.

Our slide gates are especially easy to integrate into existing systems due to their low overhead clearance, and they inspire confidence with their easy assembly.

DI MATTEO offers completely new units from scratch, a replacement of existing facilities, and spare parts for your existing equipment.


Benefits at a glance

  • modular construction system with time-tested construction components
  • low overhead clearance
  • dust-proof
  • gas-tight and pressurised implementations available
  • low wear
  • simple assembly
  • operationally safe: no jam/crush areas or exposed moving parts
  • various ways of actuating: manual, pneumatic, hydraulic, or with motors
  • ATEX conformity available
  • also available in a high-temperature model
  • silo shut-off during cleaning or repairing of the discharging units

Construction type
ODM – Flat slide gate (Barrier Gate) SFL

Applications and features

  • deployable for powdered, coarse, or slag-containing materials

Construction type
ODM – Flat dosing slide SFD

Application and features

  • deployable for constant, volumetric dosing
  • positioning unit for adjusting all preferred gate openings (for optimised dosing accuracy)

Construction type
ODM – Conchate slide gate SMU

Applications and features

  • enclosed system with internal conchs
  • deployment in the quarry and pit industries, for loading and unloading ships, in the raw material industry, and in power-generating plant technology

Construction type
ODM – Needle slide gate SNA

Applications and features

  • usable with coarse materials and strongly abrasive products
  • filters out large clumps to protect subsequent equipment in system