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Our PushFLOOR system serves for continuous discharge of poor-flowing materials from rectangular bunkers or rounded silos.

Our PushFLOOR system can provide the perfect solution to any situation. Our PushFLOOR system is suitable for discharging materials from rectangular silos, and our Sliding Frames are better suited for round silos.

Both systems inspire confidence through their simple function, the high reliability, and safety. With so many diverse sizes, a maximisation of your workspace can be guaranteed.

Depending on your requirements, we offer a customised implementation in a heavy-duty-design. This robust construction provides an especially long service life.

DI MATTEO offers completely new units from scratch, a replacement of existing facilities, and spare parts for your existing equipment.


Benefits at a glance

  • modular construction system
  • robust design
  • no bridging
  • high capacity available
  • quick and simple assembly
  • easy maintenance and service
  • reliable and secure
  • low wear
  • long service life
  • all drive units are outside of the storage area

Construction type

Applications and features

  • use in rectangular bunkers
  • traversable with lorries and loaders
  • variable sizes available – up to 30 metres long and in any preferred width
  • silo volumes up to c. 2,000 m³

Construction type
ODM-Sliding frame SBR

Applications and features

  • for discharging poor-flowing materials from round silos
  • enclosed and dust-free design