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Mechanical conveying

DI MATTEO offers an extensive range of products for mechanical conveyance of bulk materials in diverse industrial sectors.

We offer mechanical conveying technologies that are innovative, customised, and effective. You can choose between a complete solution for your entire process or a solution for a targeted, discrete segment. Your materials will always determine which choice is best.

When it comes to bulk materials, there is no end to the characteristics you find. There are coarse-grained materials, fine-grained materials, poorly flowing, moist, organic, inorganic, abrasive, hot, and many other qualities and consistencies. It is no wonder that so many materials demand diverse conveying techniques.

Benefits at a glance

  • applicable in almost all industrial fields
  • robust, reliable, and resilient equipment
  • designed for continuous operation
  • individually planned to meet your requirements
  • systems can be easily repaired, refitted, and upgraded

Our system solutions for your production process in the area of mechanical conveying: