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ODM – Apron conveyors FZF/SZF/TZF

Apron conveyors are suited for continuous conveyance of fine-grained to coarse-grained, heavy, sharp-edged, and hot bulk materials and break bulk goods.

It is no longer uncommon to see conveyors that are several hundred metres long. Our apron conveyors allow you to implement such facilities for a wide range of bulk materials. Break bulk goods (e.g. in recycling) of up to 1,000 kg can be easily transported by apron conveyors.

Apron conveyors are constructed with a solid and robust design that works well under harsh conditions. Materials that would normally ruin a typical conveyor belt due to their size or texture, can be easily, effectively, and reliably transported with apron conveyors.

Depending on requirements and implementations, an apron conveyor, a bucket apron conveyor, or a hinged apron conveyor can be used to discharge and dose.

DI MATTEO offers completely new units from scratch and spare parts for your existing equipment.

Benefits at a glance

  • modular construction with time-tested components
  • compact and robust design
  • multiple applications
  • wide range of products available
  • transport of hot and abrasive cement clinker possible
  • wear resistant
  • long service life
  • heat resistant
  • conforms to ATEX standards
  • removal of wet ash – to discharge appropriate ash particulates

ODM – Apron conveyor FZF

  • transport at horizontal and slight inclines
  • especially gentle transport
  • prevention of spillage

ODM – Bucket apron conveyor TZF


  • can transport around tight radii and at steep inclines
  • minimal construction height
  • close spacing available for fine-grained materials
  • bucket aprons can be overlapped (forwards and backwards)

ODM – Hinged apron conveyor SZF

  • transport at horizontal and slight inclines
  • appropriate for transport of coarse-grained materials and break bulk goods due to the heavy-duty construction