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ODM – Belt conveyors MGF/FGF/DGF/InBoxBelt

Flat and troughed belt conveyors – also known as continuous conveyors – for uninterrupted transport of your materials

Experience has proven that the classical continuous conveyor is still a contemporary alternative for transporting diverse bulk materials.

With DI MATTEO’s extensive designs, we show how this reputation is well deserved. Whether a troughed or enclosed conveyor, a well-engineered technical design in combination with tried and tested equipment provides a reliable and cost-effective solution.

Belt conveyors are suited for many different kinds of bulk materials, and are designed to meet your needs.

The possible applications are varied, and cover needs from connecting two production processes within a factory, to transferring massive amounts of material. (e.g. unloading installations for freight trains and ships)

At the same time, long distances, inclinations, and radii can be surmounted. DI MATTEO offers belt conveyors in both flat and trough forms – dependent on the materials and the distance needed to transport.

If you prefer, trough conveyors can also be delivered as a closed type (InBoxBelt). This significantly reduces the likelihood that transported materials will end up in the environment.

A Wire Mesh Conveyor Belt, which features a temperature-resistant and chemically-resistant construction, is especially suited for break bulk goods.

ODM – Pipe Conveyors RGF are used to implement horizontal and vertical curves, as well as radii.

DI MATTEO offers completely new units from scratch and spare parts for your existing equipment.

Benefits at a glance

  • modularly built systems
  • transport paths can be inclining or declining
  • use in problematic spatial conditions
  • retroactively upgradeable
  • quick and simple assembly
  • fully threaded design
  • low wear and low maintenance
  • minimal maintenance costs
  • time-tested technology
  • minimal susceptibility to failure
  • high reliability due to designs based on current guidelines
  • wide range of construction materials
  • high throughput rates are possible
  • low investment costs
  • long service life
  • environmentally friendly
  • delicate handling of product during transport
  • quiet transportation
  • various configuration possibilities
  • wear-protection and corrosion-protection available

Construction type
ODM – Troughed belt conveyor MGF

Applications and Features

  • construction materials industry: transportation of cement, lime/calcium carbonate, limestone, clinker, bypass dust, secondary fuels, etc.
  • waste recycling: for transportation of waste material, fluff, secondary fuels, etc.
  • animal feed industry: transporting grain, corn, soy beans, feed pellets, etc.
  • power-generating plants: transporting coal, ashes, milled limestone, gypsum, etc.
  • plastics production: transporting plastic granules
  • in harbours / ports: loading and unloading high volumes of materials
  • rugged, troughed conveyor belt
  • material insertion can be selected at any point, with optional accessories it can also be unloaded at any selected point
  • also suitable under harsh operating conditions
  • resistant to moisture and extreme temperatures

Construction type
ODM – Troughed belt conveyor typ InBoxBelt

Applications and Features

  • special models with enclosed design
  • dust-tight
  • conveyed materials are protected from the workspace environment

Construction type
ODM – Flat belt conveyor FGF

Applications and Features

  • robust flat belt
  • suitable for bulk materials and bulk break goods
  • fields of application include those from the troughed conveyor section, as well as with break bulk goods (e.g. can be used to transport sacks)

Construction type
ODM – Wire mesh belt conveyor DGF

Applications and Features

  • suitable for transporting packaged goods
  • belt made of wire mesh
  • resistant to extreme temperatures and chemicals
  • sacks can be deployed beneath the outlet of filling machines
  • especially useful as a drying belt

Construction type
ODM – Air belt conveyor HoverBELT® LGF

Applications and Features

  • closed and dust-tight design
  • low energy consumption
  • low maintenance
  • self-supporting