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Pendular chutes and diverter flaps are used for dependable distribution of material flows.

Pendular chutes and diverter flaps allow the flow of materials to be diverted in two or more directions. Both redirection and division are possible. Depending on your needs, the pendular chute can be adjusted to allow material to flow in split directions simultaneously.

Both systems have a very robust design and are also well-suited for harsh working conditions. Interchangeable panels composed of diverse construction materials are available for transported goods that tend to wear the equipment.

A built-in inspection hatch makes trouble-free monitoring possible. For example, if a seal or a flap needs to be replaced, you can dispense with a time-consuming dismantling of the entire unit. Cleaning can also be accomplished through the opening.

Depending on the implementation, different actuators are feasible: manual, motoric, pneumatic, or hydraulic.

DI MATTEO offers completely new units from scratch and spare parts for your existing equipment.

Benefits at a glance

  • modular construction
  • compact and robust design
  • air-tight to the atmosphere
  • suitable for both abrasive substances and high-temperature uses
  • easy to maintain
  • wear resistant
  • various actuators: manual, motoric, pneumatic, or hydraulic
  • dependable even when frequently converted
  • quick changeover times
  • long service life
  • design configuration makes it possible to avoid spray-grain