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ODM – Pipe conveyors RGF

Continuous conveyor for non-stop, curve-filled transport of materials over large distances – without losing materials or causing immisions

The pipe conveyor transports your bulk materials in an enclosed system over far distances. The enclosed design protects the materials from the environment, while also preventing loss of materials and the development of spillage. The materials thus reach their destinations in an efficiently and environmentally friendly way.

Thanks to the pipe-forming belt, the pipe conveyor can overcome tight horizontal and vertical curves as well as inclines of up to 30°. Due to the self-supporting belt construction of the pipe conveyor, a high capacity can be guaranteed and large spans reached. Intermediate transfer points can be eliminated.

Since we build the conveyor with individual components in a modular construction system, it can be adapted to application needs.

DI MATTEO offers completely new units from scratch and spare parts for your existing equipment.

Benefits at a glance

  • modular construction system
  • materials protected from environmental influences
  • low emissions along the transport path due to dust-free conveyance
  • high reliability
  • low wear due to minimal moving parts
  • highly adaptable to spatial limitations
  • minimal space requirements
  • can be integrated into existing facilities
  • large shaft spacings possible
  • no need for intermediary stations
  • tight curve radii
  • simultaneous transport of various materials in carrying and return sides
  • reverse conveyance possible
  • low maintenance costs
  • low investment costs

Construction type
ODM – Pipe conveyor RGF

Applications and features

  • construction industry to convey cement, lime, limestone, clinker, filter dust, bypass dust, secondary fuels, etc.
  • waste preparation to convey solid waste, fluff, secondary fuels, etc.
  • feed industry to convey grains, corn, soy, feed pellets, etc.
  • power-generating plants to convey coal, ashes, lime powder, gypsum, etc.
  • plastics production to convey plastic granulates, etc.
  • land conveyor modules are mounted directly on a previous conveyor bridge or foundation
  • self-supporting span of 25 metres or more