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ODM – Rotary valves EZS/VZS

Rotary valves are used for controlled and volumetric dosing or the injection and discharge of fine-grained to coarse-grained, and powdered bulk materials or granulates.

Rotary valves offer a dependable solution for the most diverse technical processes. They can be built under silos and hoppers/bins in order to have a controlled removal and dosing, as well as remove the strain on discharge units such as drag chain conveyors, screw conveyors or belt conveyors.

Rotary valves can be placed prior to dryers or mixers in subsequent, continuous manufacturing and mixing processes, in order to volumetrically dose the removal or feeding of the material. It is possible to improve the accuracy of gravimetric dosing by using rotary valves in combination with weighing equipment.

When dealing with explosive materials, rotary valves can be used to create an isolated system.

Due to their especially compact and modular design, rotary valves can be ideally adjusted to your requirements and material characteristics.

DI MATTEO offers completely new units from scratch and spare parts for your existing equipment.

Benefits at a glance

  • modular construction
  • constant throughput rate
  • multifunctional uses
  • robust and compact construction
  • dust-tight shaft seal owing to stuffing boxes
  • pressure-tight, gas-tight, pressure shock resistant
  • resistant to wear, and wear-parts are easily interchangeable
  • reliable system
  • materials are gently handled along transport
  • available in nearly all typical construction materials
  • many accessories can be added
  • external shaft bearing

Construction type
ODM – Rotary valve EZS

Applications and features

  • use for volumetric dosing or constant throughput of materials
  • use to discharge and dose powders and granulates
  • useful in the chemical industry, dust removal technology, the cement industry, wood or plastics industries, etc.

Construction type
ODM – Vertical rotary valve VZS

Applications and features

  • all the same uses as with a normal rotary valve
  • additional advantage of gaining vertical transport