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ODM – Surface feeder GFK

Surface feeders are suitable for loading material, or feeding coarse and poor-flowing bulk materials or break bulk goods.

Conveyor systems have to be able to hold up to a lot, when it comes to coarse and poor-flowing bulk materials and break bulk goods. The surface feeder was designed to satisfy these high demands, in order to provide you with the system you need.

These conveyors are notable for their robust design and versatile uses. Depending on your needs, surface feeders are available in different models and are deployable in inclines of up to 35°. The segmental construction design allows for easy, future modifications and maintenance.

Our surface feeders are the correct choice if you need to achieve unloading of delivered materials in a short time. Thanks to the large bins on the surface feeders and the width of the conveyor, delivery trucks can be unloaded within a short time.

After considering where your surface loader will be located and customising it to your needs, we will naturally plan it and build it for you.

DI MATTEO offers completely new units from scratch and spare parts for your existing equipment.

Benefits at a glance

  • modular construction system
  • robust construction
  • short unloading times
  • insensitive to troublesome goods
  • deployable even with challenging spatial conditions
  • low maintenance costs
  • heavy-duty design
  • combinations of horizontal and sloping segments are possible
  • gradient of belt can be diverted up or down

Construction type
ODM – Surface feeder GFK


  • construction materials industry: transportation of cement, lime, limestone, clinker, bypass dust, secondary fuels, etc.
  • waste conditioning for transportation of waste materials, fluff, secondary fuels, etc.
  • animal feed industry: transporting grain, corn, soy beans, feed pellets, etc.
  • power-generating plants: transporting coal, ashes, ground limestone, gypsum, etc.
  • plastics production: transporting plastic granules