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Pneumatic conveying

DI MATTEO offers tested and economical solutions in the field of pneumatic systems

Pneumatic conveying is the process of transporting materials with with pressure or vacuum-pressure. This can happen via pipes, hoses, or liquid channels, depending on the circumstances.

Air can move a lot of things. Your materials can be moved up to 2,000 metres without an intermediate station.

Pneumatic conveying is characterised by high productivity and full automation, though with little impact on the environment. Even difficult, hygroscopic substances can be transported this way.

One often sees pneumatic conveyors used within tight spaces. With simple, space-saving, and adaptable forms, pneumatic conveyors can provide ideal system solutions.

Benefits at a glance

  • space-saving and adaptable form
  • high productivity
  • capable of being fully automated
  • conveyance is environmentally friendly and gentle with materials
  • also suitable for hygroscopic and other difficult materials
  • option for future expansions
  • conveyance without intermediate stations is possible

Our system solutions in the field of pneumatic conveying for your production process: