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Oversized 3-dimensional impurities could affect your material flow and disturb the operation of facilities. A disc separator should be used to avoid this and to protect the machines further along in the process.

To separate out oversized sediment material, the entire material flow is guided over the rotating sorting screens. During the conveying process, fine materials fall between the sorting screens or sorting rollers.

The oversized sediment is transported further along and then ejected. The disc shape, construction materials, spacing, and layout, as well as the size of the sorting area are tailored to the bulk materials and the specific sorting job. The gaps between discs can also be refined to accommodate other materials.

If space is at a premium, the disc sorter can also be slightly inclined. Depending on your needs, a customised implementation in heavy-duty design is also available.

DI MATTEO offers completely new units from scratch, a replacement of existing facilities, and spare parts for your existing equipment.

Benefits at a glance

  • modular construction system with one drive mechanism per unit
  • enclosed and robust design
  • dust-tight and environmentally friendly
  • trouble-free material flow
  • low wear and low maintenance
  • easy integration into existing facilities
  • equipment down the line is protected
  • depending on requirements and spatial needs, usable on an incline
  • varying sizes and implementations available
  • gaps between sorting discs can be adjusted, even after installation
  • expandable for increased throughput
  • variable speeds available via a frequency converter