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ODM – Desagglomerator DES

Our Desagglomerator serves to loosen up and reliably remove agglomerates and clumps from various bulk materials.

Our Desagglomerator is available as a single-shaft or double-shaft unit. Based on requirements and goals, the appropriate unit for comminution is selected.

During breakdown of the agglomerate, the entire material flow is transported and loosened over a rotating baffle plate in the direction of discharge.

To accomplish the breakup process, the breaking tools on opposing shafts fit together like intertwined fingers. This produces a very uniform product.

Since the desagglomerators are modularly constructed, they can be adapted for a variety of purposes. The robust design promises an extra-long service life.

DI MATTEO offers completely new units from scratch, a replacement of existing facilities, and spare parts for your existing equipment.

Benefits at a glance

  • modular construction system
  • robust design
  • easily integrates into existing facilities
  • reliable break-up of large-grain, agglomerates, and clumps
  • durable construction
  • reduced parts-wear due to the use of modern, wear-resistant construction materials
  • low energy consumption
  • highly efficient
  • produces uniformly broken-down materials
  • trouble-free material flow
  • protects machinery later in the process line
  • interchanging breaking tools allows varying degrees of product size

Construction type
ODM – Desagglomerator DES (double-shaft crusher)

Applications and features

  • for coarse breaking of agglomerates and clumps with hard and brittle properties
  • double-shaft tooling with 2 rotors and static counter-blade

Construction type
ODM – Lump breaker crusher (single-shaft crusher)

Applications and features

  • for breaking up agglomerates and clumps of moderate hardness
  • singe-shaft tooling with paddle arms and counter-grill