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ODM – Silo (SIL)

We are very flexible when it comes to building silos, and we offer a variety of structural forms – from round to rectangular to poly-sided. Everything is tailored to your materials and your needs.

Starting with the flow properties of your materials and your general needs, we develop, create, and install the optimum silo system for you. We are also the right partner for the related filling and discharging mechanisms, shut-off devices, and other fittings.

The advantages of poly-sided silos are obvious. They are built modularly, and if the appropriate steel construction is used, they can even be enlarged at a later time. The transportation of the individual modules is simple and inexpensive. Even large silos can be transported with trucks and erected on-site.

Our discharge and dosing screws (ODM – ScrewDOS®) are best suited for complementary discharging of poor-flowing materials from rectangular silos.

Other discharging systems for silos from our product line-up:

As a silo manufacturers we offer both standardised and customised solutions for silo feeders – whether of the mechanical or pneumatic type – regardless of size or implementation. Our specialists and engineers undertake the entire project – from the early planning to initial operations. The properties of your materials – whether fine, disperse, free-flowing, cohesive, or poor-flowing – will always govern the process.

We have many years of experience modernising and optimising existing silos, and we can also offer customised solutions for any type of bulk material you may have.