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ODM – Technical centre

Material specifications – our secret to achieving a basis for optimal material and processing technologies

The proper way to handle bulk materials depends on their characteristic properties. This is why we study your material in detail in our technical centre.

We study the physical peculiarities, giving special attention to the conveyance and storage behaviours, and test individual components as well as the entire procedure. Experiments on the industrial scale allow you to see how your facilities will later function. A speciality of DI MATTEO is the processing technology behind the design and implementation of silos.

Furthermore, we can examine the behaviours of pneumatically conveyed materials in our technical centre. This additionally permits a custom design of pneumatic conveyors and the ability to confirm technical concepts.

Gravimetric dosing of materials is another principal component of our test centre. Here is where we can test various scenarios on the basis of our innovative dosing equipment, in order to satisfy the needs of a project.

Of course, we can also conduct experiments regarding deposit of foreign materials, and specify the optimum facility configuration and machine configuration based on the actual materials.

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