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Fields of application

The best solutions in wear-protection tailored to your field and needs

Our ODM-WeartecPRO is an established platform for wear-protection in many industries. To offer our customers the best solutions and to satisfy the varied industries, we work synergistically within our DI MATTEO Group.

We protect the individual components and secure the economical operations of your entire facility with our specially developed coatings and augmented welding processes with a vibrations technique to reduce material stress.

Our collected experience and broad assortment of manufacturing materials enables us to quickly respond to inquiries from many fields and their corresponding wear demands. And it does not matter if it is regarding replacement parts, foundry castings, wear-able parts, wear protection, or corrosion protection.

Thanks to our curiosity, distinct desire to do research, and the ingenious products we create with our customers, we are in a strong market position.

We invite a challenge. Please contact us if you need advice in your field and would like like to have a free consultation.

A sample of applicable fields