WeartecPRO – wear-protection regardless of soil conditions

Agricultural equipment for soil preparation is not only exposed to very strong material abrasion (i.e. subject to wear), but also must be able to withstand corrosive and mechanical influences. This induces a monumental loss of efficiency. Among others, the results include increased material costs and tooling times.

Agriculture is an industrial branch in which delivery of replacement parts at the last minute is no rarity. In order to deal quickly with the problem, and allow employees to be resourceful during emergencies at harvest times, components should be versatile or be intentionally designed for multiple uses.

We demand a lot from ourselves and enhance the standard wearing-parts and replacement parts for soil preparation. We offer components which, for example, the conveyor surface, corners, and edges are designed to be exchanged as desired. This construction system allow us to react to the always-increasing demands of our customers and their fields.

When you enlist our services, you have not only found a competent partner for your wear-protection, but you also receive the needed casted parts from our ODM – iron foundry. Depending on your needs and the results of consultations, we will also gladly develop and produce highly specialised solutions for you.