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Asphalt industry

The best possible protection for your facilities components with our wear-protection system – WeartecPRO

Among other things, pavement is mixed and produced in asphalt mixers and other similar equipment (in order to make, for example, road surfaces). The binding process uses bitumen and a mix consisting of aggregate.

The problem:

When asphalt is produced, it leaves behind distinct marks. The results are wear, corrosion, and material fatigue of important facility components. These problems cannot be completely avoided, but we can help to minimise them.

Our solution:

We do not simply see a mixing arm, a mixing blade, or a mixing paddle as a replacement part. It is part of a system tailored to your needs, whereby all significant areas (e.g. corners, edges, and even the conveyor surface) must be quickly, safely, and individually interchangeable.

In our ODM – WeartecPRO business division, we develop tough and wear-resistant replacement parts together with you, that meet your stringent demands.

We construct and deliver new, casted mixer parts or special designs. In cooperation with our ODM – iron foundry we develop special designs for the asphalt industry. Whether it is pumps; linings; or single, double, mixing, or worm shafts that you need, we are your competent partner who can provide.

You don’t need to re-invent the asphalt mixer from scratch when we are your partner. We will be there to evolve your plans with you.