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Concrete industry

No downtime – enhancements for your concrete mixers with our wear-protection program WeartecPRO

Many of the often persuasive original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) of concrete mixing facilities cannot stand up to the modern challenges in the concrete industry.

Here, where most businesses fail to meet requirements and cease to make progress, is precisely where we gladly take on the service of consulting – and that with increasing success.We support you in determining the solutions that fit your needs.

We analyse and diagnose the problems in your process, and develop suggestions to optimise the components of your facilities. Only after a detailed analysis will we determine the correct construction materials and further possibilities for your wear-susceptible product.

In cooperation with our ODM – iron foundry we develop and deliver new, casted mixer parts or special designs for the concrete industry. From single, double, mixing, or worm shafts to pumps and coatings, we will develop special solutions for your field.

We want to work hand in hand with you to improve the components of your concrete mixers.