Glass industry

Conveyor, feeder, and transport technologies with crystal clear advantages

Glass: from the German „glasa – shining, glittering“
It sounds simple, but in reality it is a monumental achievement.

The growing demands on glass packaging presents challenges to the glass industry to constantly break new ground.

In recent years, the area of glass recycling has increased in prominence. Broken glass is a significant factor of the container industry and at the same time a raw material, which is in high demand.

The glass industry has earned respect in the realm of saving resources, because new glass can be recycled from glass cullet. This creates a positive cycle in the value-added chain.

The problem

Because the demand for cullet is ever increasing, the rate-of-wear of important equipment (along with individual components that are subject to wear) is correspondingly increasing – especially in feeder-screw conveyors. That consequently reduces the durability of wear-parts, and simultaneously increases the amount of labour (tooling time), which becomes increasingly obvious in the accounting department under “Acquisition of Replacement Parts.”


Our solution

We have inspected the ever-increasing demands in the glass industry and developed the wear-protection ODM – WeartecPRO for this field. The glass industry demands a flexible wear-protection which adapts to the production and not the other way around. With our tried and tested construction system we select our wear-protection (WeartecPRO) to fit your actual material specifications.