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Power-Generation industry

WeartecPRO wear-protection from A to Z – for a reliable process

Our ODM – WeartecPRO division offers an efficient and yet reliable wear-protection program for the power generation industry.

Among other things, our service includes clad welding on wear-able parts as protection against abrasion, erosion, and all types of corrosion of power plant components that are under heavy demands. Another service is determining and logging the rate of wear with a measuring technique, and subsequently providing photo documentation, a report of the status, and further recommendations.

Continuous monitoring of the equipment components and constructive conversations with our customers enable us to provide effective customer support and yield a constantly increasing level of experience.

Our goal is to use our expertise to find the best solutions for you and your facilities. With our WeartecPRO program, you can reduce outages and down-time of your facilities, and at the same time extend your maintenance intervals and service life.